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3 Person
Clinic at Russell Ranch
Date: 4/99

Clinic at Russell Ranch, TX
Letter from:
Sarah Russell
Owner, Russell Ranch

Dear Deb,

I want to thank you for the excellent two days of Training that you provided for myself and my two lady guests, and for refreshing our safety awareness.

Although presented with students with Very Good, Moderate, and Amateur shotgun skills, you rapidly helped us ALL to improve considerably.

It takes several talents to simultaneously coach three different skill levels, AND leave all the students feeling that they got most of your attention!

You helped us all so much, you've really boosted our self confidence!  Your lessons were of tremendous benefit, and I know we're all hungry to go on improving.

Thank you, also, for the education in sighting-in our rifles, and helping us to better understand the trajectory and velocity of rifle ammo.


shoot better - within your own style

If you are interested in
your ranch,
or organization
putting on a clinic,
please contact
Deb Wardlaw


You could have had no better endorsement than one of your students making a perfect, frontal, heart shot on a trophy Blackbuck later that day!  She was thrilled with her harvest, and so grateful for your guidance with the wonderful way that you processed the mount, skin, and meat.

Trophy Blackbuck

Our lessons with handguns also presented you with different capabilities, and we really appreciated your kindness in allowing us to try-out a variety of your personal firearms.

Each of us came away with invaluable aids to help us shoot better - within our own style. We were all relieved that you didn't try to force us into a prescribed style, but instead helped us to get the best out of our natural instincts.

Last but not least, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

You are a terrific teacher Deb, and a delightful person. I know we will be calling you again...

Sarah Russell, Russell Ranch


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