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Good Advice for Shooters
Date: 3/4/99
Anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of shotgun shooting would be well advised take a lesson with Deborah Cleverdon. I've been hunting quail and dove for most of my life; yet, I knew that I was missing 'easy' shots on the skeet range because the fundamentals of my technique were not complete.

One of her key strengths is the effectiveness of explaining the art of shooting a shotgun. I remember her saying that 'You aim a rifle, but you point a shotgun', a thought provoking phrase used to illustrate an important point.


Another one of Deborah's strengths is her patience. Deborah knows how to get the student to relax and adjust his shooting position to hit the target. I found that I learned more by taking time to absorb what she was trying to say rather than simply nodding my head and shooting more rounds.

I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in improving his game to take a shooting lesson with Deborah. Her lessons are very professional and she is superb at communicating with the students. I went away with a new-found understanding of how to shoot a shotgun and had fun while doing it!

Darryl K. Love
Houston, TX


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